Slippery when wet

My wife bought a new-to-her car recently.  It had been very well prepared by the dealer, especially the paintwork which had been treated with Autoglym polish.  As a result of the waxy polish any water on the car’s bodywork formed into separate droplets instead of forming a film.  It looked fab after some overnight rain, so I got out my macro lens and started exploring.

Photography training with Derek Gale

“The curve of the wing” by Derek Gale

As with photographing people, areas where the curvature of a surface changes are more interesting than flat areas.  This shot of the roof going down to the rear wing had a step with larger droplets, and it caught the light in the sky to give a highlight line across the frame.  It’s clearly a man-made structure, and we can get an idea of the scale from the size of the droplets.

“Wet car bokeh” by Derek Gale

I’m a big fan of images with a very small depth of field, and especially like the way out of focus highlights form into circles. It’s an effect called “bokeh”, and is best achieved with a large aperture lens wide open.  There’s almost a “mist” of circles in the background of this image, there’s no real point of reference, and it’s become hard to tell what the subject or scale is.

“Moss in a water droplet” by Derek Gale

The heavy overnight rain had knocked moss off the house roof and some had landed on the car.  This piece of moss had become submerged in a water droplet and looked a bit like an insect trapped in amber.  The almost luminous green of the moss made a fabulous counterpoint to the metallic silver of the car.  The sun had come out which really lifted the texture of the paint and showed the translucency of the moss.

Just a wet car, but a great photographic subject.

PS  I’m very pleased with these images, and my wife is very pleased with her car!

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