Catching the light in Umbria

Just back from 2 weeks travelling around the beautiful Umbrian region of Italy.  OK, so there might have been a bit of Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany thrown in too!

Much as I love the image quality from my Nikon DSLRs and large aperture lenses, they can be a bit heavy.  I wanted to keep weight to a minimum whilst keeping the quality up, so I took my Panasonic Lumix G3 and three Micro 4/3rds prime lenses; 14mm wide angle, 21mm standard, and 60mm telephoto.  The G3’s cropped sensor gives full-frame equivalent focal lengths of 28mm, 40mm and 120mm.  It’s a great quality system and is small and light.  The 14mm lens in particular is tiny.

"Umbrian morning" by Derek Gale

“Umbrian morning” by Derek Gale

It’s often said that the light in Umbria has a special quality.  If the view of the rising sun and morning mist from our hotel bedroom window is anything to go by that is certainly true.  The mist was gone just 10 minutes after I took this image.

"Umbrian recession planes" by Derek Gale

“Umbrian recession planes” by Derek Gale

A different sort of mist in this late afternoon image of the hills south of Gubbio.  There’s a somewhat scary “funivia” ride to the top of the mountain behind the town of Gubbio, but the view is worth it.  The mist in the distant hills was enhanced by smoke from some forest fires.  It gave a wonderful series of “recession planes”.  It looks as if the landscape is made from a series of 1-dimensional cutouts.

"Catching up on the news" by Derek Gale

“Catching up on the news” by Derek Gale

The G3 system is great for street photography.  The articulated screen on the back means you can be looking in one direction whilst the camera looks in another.  These 3 women in Ferrara were clearly having a good catch up on the news.

"The pool" by Derek Gale

“The pool” by Derek Gale

As you can tell from my Fine Art page, I love abstract images.  The sunlight playing on the water of a hotel swimming pool really caught my eye.  There’s a lovely combination of light on the pool’s bottom and bubbles on the water surface.  This image would make great wall art, especially as a large print on aluminium.  Get in touch to discuss size options.

If you want to catch the light in Umbria, get in touch.  If there’s enough interest I’ll run a photography course there.

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