Speed or speeding?

One of the fun things we do on my “The Creative Eye” photography course is a session about the creative use of movement.  There are two sorts of movement; camera movement and subject movement.  They can be used separately or used together.  In each case you need to choose a shutter speed that gives the effect you want.

Let’s look at these two brolly twirling shots.  They are examples of subject movement…

"Twirling 1/20th sec" by Derek Gale

“Twirling 1/20th sec” by Derek Gale

This image was taken with a shutter speed of 1/20th of a second.  It’s quite clear that there’s movement, but it’s also clear that the brolly is made up of different coloured sections.

"Twirling 1/20th sec" by Derek Gale

“Twirling 1/4 of a sec” by Derek Gale

This image used a shutter speed of 1/4 of a second, and the sections of the brolly have averaged out to give a streaky white effect.  There’s also a lot more movement in the arms and hands of the person* holding the brolly.  *It’s not me by the way!

I prefer the second image with the longer exposure, but there is no “rule”.  As with a lot of photography, the right way is the way that you prefer.

Want to know more about use of movement?    Why not book some 1-2-1 training or place on my “The Creative Eye” course?

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