Same person, different look #2

It’s fascinating just how simple it is to get a different “look” in your portrait photography just by changing the lighting and adding a prop or two.  Take a look at these images from a recent location shoot.

“Corner bounced flash” by Derek Gale

In this first image I used a single off-camera flash that was pointed up into a corner of the room.  The flash head was set on its maximum spread so the  largest area of the corner got lit.  The light has bounced back into my model’s face in a fairly soft directional way; much better than pointing the flash directly at her.  I shot at a wide aperture to give a real “zing” to her eyes, with other areas going out of focus, and have enhanced that in post-processing.

“Natural light #1” by Derek Gale

No flash here, it’s just soft natural light from a window to the left of the image frame.  The fascinator with a veil covered one of her eyes, and composing for that eye only added a sense of mystery.  Once again I used a wide lens aperture which gave a very shallow depth of  field, and converting the image to black and white made it easier to concentrate on the single eye.

“Natural light #2” by Derek Gale

In this final image, I used a mixture of natural light and flash with, once more, a wide lens aperture to control the areas of sharp focus.  The sequinned mask covering her eyes has dissolved into a mass of little out-of-focus highlights making the sharper lips stand out clearly even though they have much less colour.  The split diagonal composition is simple and effective.

Same person, different look, simple lighting.

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