Is my hand really a person?

I’ve got a bunch of stock images in the photo library Alamy.  These days photo libraries such as Alamy are very picky about people in images.  If there is a person, or more than one person, then you need a document called a “model release” in which the person grants you, the photographer, rights to use the images for most reasonable purposes. This includes use in advertising even if the person doesn’t approve of the product or service on offer.   Without a model release, images with a person in can only be used for editorial purposes, and can only be sold as what’s called “rights managed”.  This may reduce options for income from the image.

So what is a “person”?

“Really a person?” by Derek Gale

Well, this is.

Your image doesn’t have to contain a whole person.  If the image contains just a part of a person that could be recognised by that person, it needs a model release.  It can even be a shadow.  In this case it’s easy to get a model release, as it’s my hand holding the hygrometer.  It was a bit hard to whirl the hygrometer with one hand whilst holding my dSLR steady with the other hand.  As for pressing the shutter…

So if you are thinking of using photo libraries, and your images have people, get those releases in place.

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