It’s plane to see… …or not!

A few days ago, whilst walking across Greenham Common, I came across a very strange object.  It’s a steel “replica” of a B-52 bomber (if you look at it sideways, with one eye closed, on a very dark day), that was used for fire fighting practice when the airfield was operational.

“Fireplane whole” by Derek Gale

It’s abandoned now, and appeared to be floating in a circular pool of water.  Luckily the fence has been pushed over so I could get closer to it. Also luckily, I was wearing wellies.  As it was quite near to sunset the sun was very low in the sky, and I thought there must be some photographic potential there.

“Fireplane front” by Derek Gale

It’s not a very sophisticated bit of engineering, being made from flat sheets of steel welded together.  The construction of the front section had light falling at quite different angles, giving great dimensionality to it.  Cropping off all but the plane’s hull gives an image where it’s hard to say exactly what it is, or in fact if it is coming out at you or going away from you.

“Fireplane tail” by Derek Gale

The low angle light shining through the open structure of the tail also gave an interesting image.  It’s been reduced to very few tones, with a great colour gradation in the sky, and the “sun star” catches your eye nicely.  The Lumix G3’s 20mm lens has done a great job of coping with the very direct light without losing contrast.

So how could I make an abstract image?

“Fireplane pyramid” by Derek Gale

Well, I was struck by the fantastic rusty texture of the steel, and the angle shapes at the front.  I selected just a small section of the hull, and reduced it to a simple pyramid.  Now it really is unidentifiable, being just a study in red tones and simple shapes.

Have a great Christmas and a phabulously photographic 2013!


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