Keep on taking the tablets: Part 6.

I recently got, from someone on Freegle, an old Pentax S1 film camera.  With the camera came a box containing various old enlarger lenses, but there was also a 10cm diameter simple glass lens.  It’s flat on one side and convex on the other.  Having played with it a bit I realised it would make a great “accessory lens” for the camera on my Samsung Galaxy Tab.  I found that if I set the Tab’s camera to Macro and held the lens in front of the Tab’s own lens, I could focus really close.

Here’s one of my first tries.  These two fuschia flowers were part of a hanging basket and looked great in the morning sun.  There was, however, a quite strong wind which was blowing them about and making it hard to focus and frame.  I decided to take advantage of the sunshine, but inside rather than outside in the wind.

“Galaxy orchid” by Derek Gale

We have a beautiful Phalaenopsis orchid, so I put it in the sun and part closed the curtains so only the orchid was lit.  This made the background nice and dark.  I turned the orchid round to give good cross lighting texture and a strong shadow, and framed nice and close to capture the detail of the flower.  The highlight on one part of the flower is a bit burnt out, but that’s always an issue with small sensors.

I reckon that for a free lens it’s a good buy, so why not check out Freegle yourself?  Who knows what you might find!

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