Insert light source here.

OK, so it’s the British Summer, and once more, it is raining – again.  It’s not very tempting to go outside for landscape photography, and there’s a limit to how many times you can photograph the rain on the window.

“Summer’s rain – again” by Derek Gale

I took this image with my Panasonic GF-1 and a Nikon-fit Sigma 50mm macro lens.  I’ve got a Kiwifotos lens adapter.  I set a wide-ish aperture to give a nice fuzzy background.  The white highlight on the largest drop is the sky.

Photographing raindrops is fine, but I asked myself what else I could photograph in this terrible weather?  Then I remembered my flexible fibre-optic light source.  It’s really for a microscope but can be used for getting light to unusual places.  Like inside a tomato…

“Lit from within” by Derek Gale

I made a small hole in the tomato and pushed the end of the fibre-optic source into it.  I put some cling film over the end of the fibre-optic so it didn’t get covered in tomato juice.  It’s definitely worth remembering to use cling film.  I had a bad experience with a marshmallow in the past…

I held the tomato in one hand so the glow from within lit my fingers.  The fibre-optic light source fitted nicely between them so it was invisible. I manually focused the camera (which was on a tripod), and took the shot.

Bad weather?  No worries.  Just get some light, a tomato*, and you’re laughing.

* Other fruit are available.

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