The “Rule of Thirds”?

There’s a “rule” in photographic composition called the “Rule of Thirds”. Put simply, if you imagine your image with lines on it like a “Noughts and Crosses” grid, the main point of interest should be on one of the intersections of the lines.  It’s just guidance really, so you don’t have to follow it slavishly. Sometimes it’s better to break the rules…

“Rule of Thirds?” by Derek Gale

This British summer at the seaside image is an example of that.  I’ve carefully divided the composition into three section; one very grey sky, one blue patterned hoarding, and one grey wall.  It’s made a sort of  blue sandwich.  The composition just didn’t work with the NO PARKING sign on a Rule of Thirds intersection, so I centered it left/right, which works much better.  Even though it’s high season it has the out of season look that I wanted to convey.

Lesson?  Photographic “Rules” are not real Rules, they’re just advice.

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