Keep on taking the tablets: Part 5

Here’s another image in my occasional series taken with the camera on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer.

“Galaxy kaleidoscope” by Derek Gale

A friend, knowing my interest in optical toys, gave me a kaleidoscope for Christmas.  It’s a simple cardboard tube with the usual angled mirrors inside and some plastic beads at the end.  It’s remarkably effective.  I noticed that the eye hole was about the same size as the lens on my Tab so I thought, “why not?”.  I set my Tab to macro focusing, and used the self-timer to give me some time to line up the kaleidoscope and the camera lens.  Result?  An attractive abstract image.

I thought a little bit of enhancement would help, so I took the image into Photoshop and made a layer copy to which I applied the Find Edges filter.  This layer was blended with the original untouched layer using Overlay mode, and it gave a bit of extra punch to the image.

Just a child’s toy and a tablet computer, but capable of producing great images.

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