Keep on taking the tablets: part 4

The recent heavy rain has made the little stream at the bottom of the garden flow very well.  I’ve been taking some long-exposure images of the flowing water with a 200mm lens and 2x converter on my DSLR, and wondered what I could do with my Galaxy tablet.  The tablet’s camera, which has a wide-angle lens, is somewhat different to a DSLR with the equivalent of a 600mm lens on the front…

“Galaxy stream” by Derek Gale

There’s no manual control on the tablet camera, so setting a slow shutter speed to show the movement in the water needed a bit of cleverness.  There’s a bit of the stream that’s overshadowed by some leylandii trees (they’ve got to be useful for something!), and it’s nice and dark.  I made sure the “flash” was turned off, and hey presto! a long shutter speed.  The great thing about the tablet camera is that the lens is near the edge, and you can get it very close to the water surface.

A quick download on to the PC and a crop in Photoshop, and there you are, a semi-abstract water image.

Keep checking back for more tablet photography.

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