All that glitters…

… is not gold.

This is actually a misquotation, as it’s supposed to be, “All that glisters is not gold”.   Anyway, here’s an image of a candle, covered in gold glitter, stored on a shelf in the understairs cupboard.  I had seen it glinting on several occasions when getting other things out of the cupboard, and thought there was scope for an image.

"Glitter candle bokeh" by Derek Gale

I took the shot with the candle in situ on the shelf.  It would have been much easier to take it out of the cupboard and put it in the studio, but it was more of a challenge where it was.  The light in the cupboard was from a single tungsten bulb, so I set the White Balance to Incandescent so the colours came out right.  There wasn’t much brightness from the bulb, so I had to increase the ISO to get a short(ish) shutter speed.  I used my Lumix GF1 and 20mm lens with the aperture set on f1.7 to give the smallest depth of field.  I manually focused on a distant subject and then framed nice and close to the candle.  The combination of maximum aperture and distant focusing with a very close subject gave the attractive bokeh circles and ellipses.

To use another quotation…

In “Cold Comfort Farm”, Stella Gibbons’ wonderful book, Aunt Ada Doom had seen, “Something nasty in the woodshed”.  Don’t worry about nasty things in the woodshed, there are beautiful things hiding under the stairs!


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