Keep on taking the tablets: part 3

Here’s another in my occasional series of images taken with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer.  It’s a close-up of a daffodil in the garden.

"Galaxy Tab daffodil" by Derek Gale

I chose one that was in the sunlight, pointing the right way, and with an unlit area behind it to give good separation from the background.  To focus close enough I used an old condensing lens from a microscope in front of the tablet’s camera lens.  The condensing lens was quite large and hung over the edge of the tablet, and this let light in from the back and gave unwanted reflections.  To get round this I cut out a piece of card, made a hole in the centre, and taped the card to the back of the condensing lens.

It was quite entertaining holding the tablet with one hand, holding the condensing lens on to the tablet with another hand, and pressing the shutter release with another…   I’m pleased with how it turned out though.

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