Through a glass darkly

I was in London last weekend, and took the chance to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington.  I like glass, (including glass camera lenses of course!), so made sure to visit the glass gallery.  As well as the beautiful exhibits, there’s a fabulous glass balcony in the gallery.

"V&A glass balcony" by Derek Gale

I stopped near the top of the stairs and set my GF1 on a large aperture* to give a small depth of field*.  It wasn’t fantastically bright in the gallery so I rested the camera on the banister rail for extra support.  There are some lovely colours and textures, and it’s an image where it’s hard to judge the scale.  It could be huge or it could be very small.

* If you aren’t sure what this means, I can help.  Take a look at the Photography Training pages for more information.

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