But there’s a drought!

Here in the south of England we have got a drought.  It’s hardly rained or snowed all winter, and the water level in some quite significant water bodies is very low.  For example, the River Kennet has gone dry upstream from the town of Marlborough; this is very unusual.  There are however, great photographic opportunities in the water that’s still running.

"Buscot Weir 1" by Derek Gale

Here’s some water running over a sluice at Buscot Weir, which is on the River Thames between Lechlade and Kelmscott.  I used a longish lens focal length, framed to give a good diagonal, and chose a short shutter speed (1/400th sec), to stop as much movement as I could. There’s a lovely gradation from a convex curve in the water at the bottom of the frame, to a concave “U” shape in the dark area at the top of the frame.

"Buscot Weir 2" by Derek Gale

Here I chose a quieter bit of the weir and used a longer shutter speed (1/10th sec) to give a completely different look to the image.  This time there’s lots of movement in the water.  The top of the frame shows the power of the faster, deeper water, and the way the slower, shallow water fans out from bottom left is delightful.

Buscot Weir is a great place for photography training.  So if you want some bespoke 1-2-1 training on location do get in touch.

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