“It ain’t what you got, it’s the way that you use it”

The title of this post is in homage to the famous Ella Fitzgerald (or Bananarama) song “It ain’t what you do…”.

Yesterday I was talking to someone about the “Introduction to the Creative Eye” photography course that I run at the Royal Photographic Society in Bath.  We talked about how it’s not the camera that gives great images, but that it’s the photographer and the way they use their brain.

I’ve decided to give this idea a test, and to take a set of images with my tablet computer’s camera. It’s harder to take pictures than with a mobile phone camera because it’s a bit of a big, flat thing to hold.  There are some controls, but it’s got a fixed focal length lens with a small aperture and a tiny sensor, which does give some photographic constraints.

Here’s my first image…

"The tablet at the window" by Derek Gale

Earlier this morning the sun was shining on to our neighbour’s window, and the light was reflecting on to our kitchen window.  I liked the shape of the window bars through the red window blind, and the way that the plant was nearly silhouetted.

I’ll post more images when I have them, so do keep checking back.

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