Happy New Year!

Yesterday I was on my first family portrait shoot of the New Year.  It was outdoors, on location, and the family had a couple of little dogs that were very interested in what was going on.

"The portrait shoot audience 1" by Derek Gale

Here’s the first dog.  I dropped down to get a view that fully showed his sturdiness, and included all four nicely muddy paws.  He’s got a very 4-square “don’t mess with me” look.

"The portrait shoot audience 2" by Derek Gale

The other dog was a bit smaller, and by taking a slightly higher viewpoint I was able to emphasise that, and make him even more appealing.

They weren’t just spectators in the shoot and they both got in on the act, and were included in some of the full family group images.

My next portrait shoot is tomorrow, but this time it’s animal free.

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