I’m a hip photographer.

I’m involved in a photographic project, about which more will follow in time, and was out recently taking some images for it.  I was on a bridge over the M4 and saw this cyclist coming towards me.  I didn’t have time to raise my DSLR to my eye, so I shot from hip level with my arm outstretched.

"Shot from the hip" by Derek Gale

I gave the image a bit of a crop in Photoshop, so the lines of the bridge’s structure came out of the corners, and did a contrasty black and white conversion.  I reckon for a “guessed” composition it’s pretty good; the low viewpoint and slight off-perpendicular angle really help. It wasn’t guessed really, I would say instead that I used my skill and experience to compose the image without needing to look through the viewfinder.  It’s a useful technique, and it’s less obvious that you’re photographing as well, which can help.

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