A photographic tip – literally!

At the beginning of my “The Creative Eye” photography training course we discuss the creative use of photographic mistakes.  As part of that there’s an exercise where the delegates deliberately take images with common mistakes.  It’s a great ice-breaker, and is an important lesson, as it shows the importance of pre-visualising the image.

Here my mistake was accidental rather than deliberate…

"Hospital streaks" by Derek Gale

I was on Liddington Hill shooting a series of long exposure images of the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, and my camera was on a tripod.  I thought that the exposure had finished, so tipped the tripod head forwards to review the image on the rear screen.  As I tipped it the camera’s shutter then closed, so the exposure hadn’t finished after all.  Where the camera was moving the lights have produced delightful trails.  The streaky effect of the lights, with the sharp base image behind them, is really appealing.  It’s a bit like a TV advert for something (BT Infinity?).

They say we should learn from our mistakes; I have!  I’m going to try this technique again, but this time deliberately…

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