Let the wind blow!

It’s now well into Autumn, and you will have noticed the weather here in England has changed for the worse, with torrential rain, fog, wind, and storm clouds.  Of course photographically it may have actually improved things…

"Cup contact anemometer" by Derek Gale

The wind makes things move, and that’s often a good thing in photography.  The movement blur you can add really does give an extra dimension to your images.  This is an anemometer; used for measuring wind speed.  The high wind has let me show it really doing its job.  No good in a gentle Summer breeze.

"Wave line" by Derek Gale

This image was shot during a balmy Summer’s day on the Gower Peninsular, and the sea was just lapping around without much spectacle.  I had to choose a single wave to give a strong diagonal composition.

"Splash!" by Derek Gale

Compare the previous image with this one of a powerful wave crashing into the rocky shore.  It was taken, again in South Wales, between Christmas and New Year on a very windy day, and shows just how much force the winter storms can give to the sea. No gentle lapping here.

"SSC in the mist" by Derek Gale

Conversely, an absence of wind at this time of the year can lead to mist, or even fog.  Fog can give a mysterious effect, as is shown in this image of the Second Severn Crossing (SSC).  The bridge supports just loomed up as we drove* across, and their outlines were softened by the fog.  * I was the passenger not the driver!

"The Great Barn" by Derek Gale

Autumn is a time for storm clouds as well as wind, rain and fog.  They’re great for making the sky, sometimes empty in the Summer, have more drama.  The cloudy sky in this wide-angle image, of the Great Barn in Little Coxwell, gives some strong lines to the composition and makes it work better than if it was just plain blue.

Bad weather?  No, great photography weather!

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