5 minutes of sunlight.

Now that autumn is fast approaching (or is here already!) the angle of the sunlight coming into the house has changed quite a lot.  It’s now much more glancing, and glancing light gives better shadows and texture.  I noticed, while popping out to the studio, that the light across our oak dining room table was delightful, so I played the shadows game.

"3 fircones" by Derek Gale

The first image is the shadows of three fir cones.  They’ve got lovely irregular shapes and nice sharp outlines.  The angle of the light has picked up the texture of the wood, and the shadow of the window frame gives a good dark edge to the image.

"Candlestick shadow" by Derek Gale

Next is the shadow of a candlestick.  I placed it so that it was less of a dominant compositional element than the cones were.  Now, the shadow of the window frame is a major component instead of just the frame for the edges.  Converting to black and white made it more of a pattern image.

"Light and wood" by Derek Gale

This image cried out to be in colour.  It’s the diffraction pattern made by the sunlight shining through a glass paper weight.   I’ve warmed it up a bit in Photoshop so that the reds of the wooden table sing out.  It’s now an abstract of wood grain and swirls of light.

"Green glass" by Derek Gale

For this last image I allowed the sunlight to shine through a bottle fill of green glass pebbles and marbles.  In one of the pebbles there’s a tiny image of the window, and you can see flashes of colour, especially red, from the marbles.  The bright sunlight really brought the glass to life.

And then, almost as soon as it had arrived, the wonderful light had gone.  Clouds had ended my 5 minutes of fun.

Moral: always take your photographic chances.

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