“Please replace rope if removed”

Recently I went for a walk by the River Thames near Buscot Weir.  There was no sign of David Walliams swimming past on his way to London though.  It was one of those days when the weather was a bit on and off, so the sun was out part of the time and hiding behind clouds part of the time.  It made choosing the right White Balance and Exposure settings harder, but that’s what makes photography such fun.

"Reed silhouette" by Derek Gale

I took advantage of a bright but cloudy sky to capture a silhouette of a reed on the riverbank.  I exposed for the sky so all detail in the reed disappeared.  There was very little wind, so it wasn’t moving around very much which let me get a crisp outline.

"Sign" by Derek Gale

I liked this hand-written sign on a fence post.  It had clearly been written over previous similar wording which had faded due to weather and time.  The “if removed” bit was new however, but seemed a bit superfluous.  The texture of the wood was great, and was enhanced by the angle of the sunlight.  I like finding these sort of signs and trying to understand the stories behind them.

"Water movement" by Derek Gale

At Buscot Weir there is a sluice where water runs into the Weir Pool.   This pool is quite unusual on the Thames and is a popular place for “wild swimming”.  The water going over the sluice takes on some really good shapes.  I concentrated on part of the water in the shade so the contrast between light and dark wasn’t too large, and used a long(ish) exposure of 1/16th of a second to show the water’s movement.  I needed to wedge the camera firmly on a bridge post to avoid camera shake.

"Rushing abstract" by Derek Gale

I then took some images using camera movement rather than subject movement.  These are rushes growing in the middle of the river.  Standing on a bridge I moved the camera up and down rapidly using a long(ish) shutter speed, this time of around 1/30th of a second.  The water has gone milky looking, and the rushes have formed a lovely abstract pattern of green and white.

So, a lovely walk at Buscot Weir.  It’s a great place for photographic training, which is why I run Photo Treks here.  Why not sign up to “Writing with Light”, the Gale Photography newsletter, to be kept up to date with Photo Trek dates?

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