Focus on the difference.

The point of focus in your images is very important, and it’s amazing how much an image alters when you change it.   Here are the results of an exercise where I’ve set up the camera on a tripod and taken a series of three images.  The only thing that has changed in these images is the point of focus.  The lens was set to its maximum aperture to give the shallowest depth of field possible.

"Focus: Interior" by Derek Gale

Here I have focused on the interior of the car.  You can see various interior bits and bobs such as the speedo and wiper control stalk.  There’s an out of focus red and yellow shape in the lower right of the image, but you can’t see what it is.  The highlight on the mirror is quite narrow.

"Focus: Glass" by Derek Gale

This second image is focused on the driver’s side window, as can be seen by the dust (Note to self: clean your car!).  There’s no interior detail visible and the mirror highlight has got much bigger but is still lined up with the mirror’s edge.  Interestingly the red and yellow shape is now more blurry.  That’s because it’s now further away from the in focus area than the speedo was.

"Focus: Reflection" by Derek Gale

In this last image I’ve focused on the reflection in the glass of a red maple tree and green bay tree.  They were the blurry red and green shape.  The reflection is quite distorted and it looks like the car is going along at high speed.  The mirror highlight has rotated through 90 degrees and is now at right angles to the mirror edge.

You can see how much the image has altered simply by changing the point of focus.  Why not try it for yourself?

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