It’s my 100th blog post!

Blimey, I never thought that my 100th blog post would come up so soon!

I try and blog once a week so, taking holidays into consideration, it’s been just over 2 years since my first post.  In that post I blogged about a Photo Trek that was happening that August at Buscot Park, and also about having won a photographic award.  Well, there’s another Buscot Photo Trek coming up on July 23rd (and one in August!), so clearly “what goes around comes around”.  You can find details of the Treks under “Photography Training”…

"Trekker" by Derek Gale

I’ve really enjoyed myself on the Photo Treks I’ve run.  The venues have been great, and the people I’ve met on the Treks have been even better.

"London crisp" by Derek Gale

So what else have I done?   Well, I’ve photographed crisps (Walkers Sensations sweet chilli flavour in fact), as an exercise in composition and depth of field control.  Is the mysterious shape in the background Gary Lineker coming to steal it?

"Tate shapes" by Derek Gale

These strange floating shapes have been involved too.  It’s the sort of image I like taking, where it’s not clear exactly what it’s of, or where it’s happening.  It’s got a minimalist feel about it, but there’s quite a complicated thing going on with the image’s colours, and the green shape keeps flipping between being a depression in the surface and being a protuberance.

"Red car in grille" by Derek Gale

One of my previous posts was about photography using reflections.  This shot is of 2 cars at a Goodwood Breakfast Club meeting; one reflected, one providing the reflective surface.  The one with the shiny grille was a BMW Z4 and the other a Triumph TR of some flavour (TR4?).  I liked the way that each grille section has a slightly different version of the red car.

"Remember the background!" by Derek Gale

This final shot is a reminder to keep control of the background in your images.  It ‘s something I’ve blogged about in one of my previous 99 posts.  In this case the juxtaposition of the sculpted head (Art and quiet reflection), with the washing in the background (the mundanities of real life) was deliberate.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to my 200th post!

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