It’s all around you: Part 2

In a previous post I’ve mentioned that great photographic subjects are everywhere.  All you need to do is to look for them.  Actually that’s the tricky part as I find that many people don’t know where/how to look.  Help is at hand however, as looking for images is part of my “Photo Treks” photographic courses.

"Blinding light" by Derek Gale

This image is of sunlight coming through some privacy glass in a bathroom window and shining on to a blue roller blind.  The distortion of the sun has made a pattern that looks a bit like a sound pattern on an oscilloscope.  The abstract shape contrasts well with the regularity of the blind’s fabric.

"Spots" by Derek Gale

This is another example of a random pattern overlaying a regular structure, although the regular structure, of lines going from left to right, is less visible here.  It”s a close up shot of a nicely ripe banana.

"Furry" by Derek Gale

These beautiful patterns are found in the most unlikely places.  I live in a hard water area, and everything that involves water gets limescale on it.  This image, of layers and shades of white and grey, is the inside of my electric kettle.  As with the other 2 images it’s a random pattern overlaying a regular one.  In this case the regular pattern is circular.

"Mobile pansies" by Derek Gale

This final image is seen, imagined, and then made.  I had some hanging baskets with winter-flowering pansies in and they looked very colourful.  A straight shot looked a bit ordinary so I used a long exposure (1/2 second) and some camera movement to make a fabulous swirling abstract.

If you would like to know more about seeing images why not book a place on a Photo Trek?

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