A multitasking man…

I’m in a particularly busy, and varied, time at the moment.  For a professional photographer and photographic trainer that’s just great.  Perhaps it’s something to do with the run up to Christmas, but everything is happening at once. 

I ran my “The Creative Eye” course last weekend, and I have another one this weekend.  Last week’s was near Wantage, and this weekend I’m at the Royal Photographic Society in Bath tutoring a course for them.  I really enjoy it, and it’s great helping people develop their photographic style.

"Trolley pattern" by Derek Gale

On the course I show how you can get interesting images anywhere, even outside your local supermarket.  This image is deceptively simple, but I put a lot of care into the framing and composition.  There are lots of great patterns like this everywhere you look.  If you know how to look…

I’m also busy with contemporary portrait shoots.  I’ve just edited a set for some clients and prepared their sequence, and have another shoot tomorrow.

"Cross processed" by Derek Gale

This portrait, like the trolleys image above, appears simple but there’s a lot going on.   It’s taken with studio flash that’s set to give the same exposure as the outside ambient light.  In terms of the composition, the amount of space the person takes up balances the space defined by the irises and poppies at the top of the image. During the image editing stage, the whole image has been “cross-processed”, which alters the colours, and the subject’s skin has then been corrected back to their normal colour.  The image also breaks the “rule” that says the lighter areas should be at the top of the image and the darker areas at the bottom.  Creative portrait photography is a complex thing! 

As well as the venue-based photography training and portrait photography, I’m doing some 1-2-1 & 1-2-2 training at my photographic studio near Swindon

"Large DOF" by Derek Gale

"Small DOF" by Derek Gale

The 1-2-1/1-2-2 training is bespoke, can cover any aspect of photography; technical or creative, and is tailored to the client’s camera model.  These images, from some technical 1-2-1 training, show the effect of closing the lens aperture down to control the depth of field (DOF).  The DOF of an image is the degree to which it is sharp all over.  Small DOF gives little sharpness other than in one area.  Images with a large DOF are sharp everywhere.  Controlling the DOF can improve your images dramatically.

"Another place" by Derek Gale

As an example, in this image of “Another Place” by Anthony Gormley, I needed to ensure that the boat and the figure were both sharp enough.

As well as all this, I’m also working on a very interesting image editing project for a client.  It involves, among other things, an 84-image High Dynamic Range (HDR) panorama.  The file size of the final panorama is about 2Gb!

As Christmas is coming, when I may take a rest from my multitasking, remember that we offer personalised photography gift vouchers.  You can give someone a day or half a day 1-2-1 training, a contemporary portrait shoot, or a place on a photography training course.  Just call on 01793 783859 to reserve yours.  The last day for ordering photography gift vouchers in time for Christmas is Monday 13th December.


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