Monthly Archives: January 2012

Wet and cold, or cold and wet?

Even though here in the UK the birds are singing and the bulbs are pushing up out of the ground, it’s still winter.  Winter in the UK means that the weather outside may well be cold and wet (or wet and cold).  It’s not very tempting weather for outdoor photography, so why not stay indoors […]

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Are you simple or complex?

When it comes to photographic composition, are you a simple photographer or a complex one?  By that I mean do you like your compositions to have many layers of shape and colour with interest all over them, or do you deliberately produce simple images that lead the viewer in, and let them create their own […]

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Happy New Year!

Yesterday I was on my first family portrait shoot of the New Year.  It was outdoors, on location, and the family had a couple of little dogs that were very interested in what was going on. Here’s the first dog.  I dropped down to get a view that fully showed his sturdiness, and included all […]

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