Monthly Archives: June 2011

Focus on the difference.

The point of focus in your images is very important, and it’s amazing how much an image alters when you change it.   Here are the results of an exercise where I’ve set up the camera on a tripod and taken a series of three images.  The only thing that has changed in these images is […]

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It’s all up in the air: Part 2

I like aircraft and, as it’s now well into the airshow season, I thought I’d share some more aircraft images, some brand new, some from previous adventures.  Aircraft in the air are challenging, yet fun, to photograph because they are fast moving and often a bit far away.  I’ve got some quite long focal length […]

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Studio or outdoors?

There’s a discussion in portrait photography circles about whether it’s better to use a studio, and thus have complete control of the lighting, or better to use the natural light outdoors.  I’ll use some examples from a recent family portrait shoot at my portrait photography studio near Swindon to show why I use both. I’ve […]

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