Monthly Archives: June 2010

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!

Now that Summer’s officially here (hooray!) it’s really tempting to go off to the seaside with your camera.  After all, anywhere where there’s a boundary, such as the sea and the land, gives interesting images.  I prefer the coast to the seaside (there’s a difference), and love the light you get off the water. Here the […]

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A bit of background information.

In creative portrait photography, as well as making sure that the person is shown at their best, it’s important to control what’s happening in the background.  Most of the time a simple, uncluttered background works best. In this child’s portrait I liked the background because the neutral grey matched the colour of his top very well, […]

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Use the right angle.

It’s a lovely summer’s day here at Gale Photography HQ, and looking through the office window at the plants outside, I couldn’t help noticing just how much difference the angle of the light makes to their appearance.   If we just look at one leaf to see what I mean..   This Kolomikta leaf has direct sunlight on it, […]

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