Monthly Archives: April 2010

An eccentric photographer.

I think that eccentric photography is a good thing!  There are various meanings of the word “eccentric”, but let’s use the one that, according to Wikipedia, means “out of the centre”.  It’s really easy to put the main subject of your images in the exact centre, as most of the time it’s how we see things.  When […]

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It’s the Photo Trek season

Now that the weather here in Oxfordshire is thinking of becoming spring-like, it’s time to update you with news about my programme of half-day and day Photo Treks.  What’s a Photo Trek I hear you cry?   Well, it’s a fun way to have “al fresco” photography training from a professional photographer (me!), whilst enjoying a walk in […]

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It’s all done with mirrors!

In essence, photography is all about recording the light reflecting from surfaces.  If nothing was reflected then we wouldn’t be able to record anything of the people we meet, the places we go to, and the things we see.  In this post I’ll show you how you can get interesting, creative images by using the numerous highly-reflective surfaces […]

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