Monthly Archives: November 2009

A healthy crop.

Is the world made up of rectangles?   Of course it isn’t, but our digital cameras make us look at the world as if it was, because most digital camera sensors are rectangular.   The sensor may be in the classic 35mm film format proportions of 1×1.5, or in the somewhat squarer 4×3 proportions of most compact digital […]

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Space is ace.

I love filling the frame in my portrait images.  I reckon that as I’ve paid for all those pixels I might as well use them all.  However, there are times when you get a better image by leaving empty space in the frame.  Take this studio portrait of a child for example.  I really liked the expression on […]

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I’m so shallow.

While I was becoming a more serious SLR photographer, I was obsessive about getting everything in focus.  I think this came from having used box cameras that had small maximum apertures, and compact 35mm cameras that had wide-angle lenses.  Small lens apertures and wide-angle lenses lead to what’s called a “large depth of field”.  This means that everything from the […]

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