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“Sending out an SOS”

No, it’s not an emergency, nor is there (as The Police sang), a “Message in a bottle”.  This message is to give you advance warning that “Swindon Open Studios (SOS)” is coming, and that I am part of it! So what is Swindon Open Studios?  Well, it’s a chance for you to visit artists in […]

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Softly, softly.

I recently dusted off my soft-focus lens and tried it on my Panasonic GF1.  It’s a simple plastic tube, with a plastic lens element at the end nearer the camera, inside another plastic tube.  You focus by sliding the outer tube relative to the inner tube.  The lens is made so that it produces a […]

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Lights, camera, action!

OK, so we’ve got our Christmas tree up, (in the unused fireplace as usual), and after admiring its beauty and the way the lights looked, I got to wondering, “Just how can I photograph the lights in a creative way?”   Well, the first thing to do was to establish a reference point by photographing it […]

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