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Here comes the sun

In the old days of photography, Kodak’s advice about taking pictures was to shoot with the sun behind you.  This was because lenses weren’t very good, and film was not very sensitive to light, so you needed lots of light on the subject.  This resulted in nice, well exposed, shots of your friends and family squinting into the […]

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I’m just a regular guy.

It’s great to be a family’s regular portrait photographer.  I recently photographed one of our clients’ third child.  I photographed her first child in 2004, and we had a great time.  He was about 19 months old and was interested in everything.  At one point he fell into our – very shallow, and safe – stream.  This was in the […]

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Another Award!

Welcome to the Gale Photography blog!! On these pages we’ll be giving you our news and views, and thoughts about photography in general.  We’re having fun planning our 2009 Photographic Training and Photo Trek programme.  We’ve just rescheduled our “Love your DSLR” course to June 13th, and there are still places left.  If “al fresco” photographic training […]

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