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Are you simple or complex?

When it comes to photographic composition, are you a simple photographer or a complex one?  By that I mean do you like your compositions to have many layers of shape and colour with interest all over them, or do you deliberately produce simple images that lead the viewer in, and let them create their own […]

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We shall remember them.

It’s Armistice Day tomorrow.  As well as the day for commemoration of the role that our servicemen and women have played,  it’s always had a certain resonance for me because it’s also my birthday.  This year it’s even more special as the minute’s silence will be at 11am on 11/11/11. The poppy is a potent […]

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Water, water, everywhere… Part 2

Water is wonderful stuff.  We would, after all, not be able to survive without it.  It’s also great stuff for photography.  How it looks in photographs depends on its energy; still water gives reflections, fast moving water a blur, water’s impact with surfaces gives streaks.  You can use these different effects, and its refraction of […]

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