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I’m just a regular guy: Part 4.

It’s the “regular guy” thing again!   As I’ve mentioned before, it’s a real privilege to photograph the same people over a period of time, especially kids.  You see how they’ve grown and changed, and the shoot is easier, because you’ve photographed them before.   At a recent portrait shoot, two brothers and their respective families, came along.  I’d photographed the […]

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A bit of background information.

In creative portrait photography, as well as making sure that the person is shown at their best, it’s important to control what’s happening in the background.  Most of the time a simple, uncluttered background works best. In this child’s portrait I liked the background because the neutral grey matched the colour of his top very well, […]

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An eccentric photographer.

I think that eccentric photography is a good thing!  There are various meanings of the word “eccentric”, but let’s use the one that, according to Wikipedia, means “out of the centre”.  It’s really easy to put the main subject of your images in the exact centre, as most of the time it’s how we see things.  When […]

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