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A close-up compact in the garden.

Yesterday (8th June), it was very sunny here in Watchfield.  Whilst that isn’t always the best sort of weather for photography, what with the hard shadows and all, it is good weather for using compact cameras.  Compact cameras, with small image sensors, need lots of light to give the best image quality.  My Lumix TZ-70 […]

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A post of note…

My recent Oxfordshire Artweeks show was at The Piano Gallery* in Faringdon.  I learnt a lot about pianos whilst I was there, and they are interesting things to photograph too. Grand pianos have nice open tops so you can see the arrangement of the strings.  The engineering is amazing, and there are lots of patterns. […]

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Top 10 picks!

It seems I’m one of Oxfordshire Artweeks “Top 10 picks”! Come and see why at The Piano Gallery in Faringdon from 14th May to 21st May. Arts journalist Sarah Mayhew Craddock says this… (opens in a new tab)

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